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NOON is a beautiful Arabic letter which occupies a lofty standing in the Arabic Islamic culture due to its meanings and senses. In the Arab tongue (Lisan Al Arab) of Ibn Manzoor, the Noon letter (N) was mentioned to mean the sword and the whale. But for "Dul-Noon" it is the title of the prophet "Younis". Consequently, the selecting of the letter to be the title of this hotel establishment came after profound search and scrutiny.

The idea of Noon launched by Al Mutawa seeks to mix the modern Arabic art in tune with the genuine Arabic culture, with technologies of the modern archaeology.


What we do

Noon Hotel Apartments Dubai

A mixture of Art in a modern design,

Noon Hotel gives you the opportunity to explore beyond beauty and Art.

What we love

Art and artists

  Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartment is

Dubai's first completely art-inspired hotel

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